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Real estates. Margarita

All prices on our Internet site are on basis for negotiation, the final price depends on the shop assistant.

The issues with the real estate acquisition which the buyer carries: Bill of sale allow to write with the lawyer and certify with the notary public, land register registration - approx. to 3.5% of the object final price.

Annual purchase of land tax amounts to 0.1% - 0.7% of the object final price. There are no compulsory assurances with the real estate objects.

Acquisition of the private individuals of the beach properties is forbidden in Venezuela.

All houses who are closer than 80 m to the water line are possible to shop, but the property remains in the possession of the state.

A stay approval or registered marriage with Venezuelan citizens is not necessary for acquisition of the real estate objects or a company in Venezuela, it is enough a valid passport with an entry stamp.

After the purchase winding up and registration in the land register real estate objects with the property if available (exception - beach properties closer than 80 m belong to the water line) only and exclusively to the buyer.

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